QuickSAT QS65 Satellite Kit

QuickSAT QS65 Dish complete with tripod, easy alignment kit, cables and instructions all packed in a convenient waterproof carry bag.

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QS65As motorhome and caravan owners are finding out, the satellite serving UK TV, Astra 2D has now been replaced by Astra 2E & Astra 2F at the 28.2e location.

The main issue with these new satellites is that they have been designed to broadcast tighter beams on the UK to try to limit reception of BBC / ITV etc. Freesat channels outside the UK.

This means that to receive UK TV via satellite now requires a larger dish. In addition there are now have more satellites occupying the same small space of sky in the south east so pinpointing the correct one is harder.

The old style suitcase type kits and beepy sat-finder meters have become increasingly difficult to use as they cant pin-point a specific satellite.


qs-bag-manCaravanners, Motorhomers and Campers more and more are counting bulk and weight when considering “take a long” items for touring.

QuickSAT has a 40cm diameter dish but the same coverage and power as 65cm traditional dish.

Weighs in at just 3kg – half the weight of traditional 65cm products.

Stowaway space required for QuickSAT is one quarter of a cubic meter – stowaway size of a traditional 65cm is over half a cubic meter


Easy dish alignment


qs-meter-speakerAll the QuickSAT systems benefit from the patented QuickSAT
elevation and alignment system which is carefully calibrated to
eliminate the problems associated with the traditional type of “satellite finders”.

QuickSAT features a foolproof digital elevation and alignment system which is carefully calibrated to eliminate the problems associated with the traditional type of “satellite finders”.

  • User sets elevation using supplied elevation gauge.
  • Switches on TV and selects desired channel.
  • As dish passes by Astra 2 Satellite TV is heard through supplied microspeaker



Simple single box sale


qs-manInformative packging acts as silent salesman

Work with Avtex – Cello – Sky – freesat

Direct end user support

On-line tutorials